• POSTAL CODE 423701
  • AREA 849.98 HECTARES
  • POPULATION ~ 1500

Tucked alongside the Godavari river, cradling two cultures and two districts, is Dongaon, a quaint village where the farm owners and their families have resided for centuries.

The Dhorde family has been residing in Dongaon since the 1750s. They started with a few acres of farmland and expanded the family agriculture by the 1980s. The family farmed sugarcane and various commercial crops through six generations, and historical milestones.

Dongaon might be an invisible place on the map, but when you cross the old British bridge and enter into the village, you will be welcomed by a thick blanket of babul trees covering the entire village under it.

Milestones such as the railway bridge - was built over the Godavari for the trade between the British and the Nizams. To this day, the railway bridge remains functional and a means to travel across the river during floods.

Before you spot people, you’ll see the cattle grazing in the small farms on your way to our home.

Backyards in dongaon usually occupied by the roosters and hens and front yards by the cows. There will be a dog or two (usually with names like tommy, rani, raja or moti) to watch over the grains and cattles from the mongooses and rats while the owners are away working in the farm.

The small farmlands in dongaon surround the river, thus making it the primary source of irrigation for the crops. The cattle in the village often go grazing around these farmlands, enjoying the wild breeze and their collar bells tinkling with of the winds.

A family of four cows

Chandrika, Radha, Ekadashi, and Tambdi generously feed their calves, before the surplus milk is used to make small batches of ‘Sajuk Tup’. All of them graze freely on our small farmlands, absorbing the beauty of nature and listening to the songs of the hummingbirds.

Our Chandrika enjoys the brief encounter with Aaji every morning at sunrise when she comes to offer her prayers to Chandrika.

She is very fond of Aaji; especially the chanting of prayers with the sweet smell of coconut oil on her hair, the yellow chandan tikka on her forehead and her crisp cotton nauvari sarees.

Aaji caresses her with love everyday and speaks to her brief ly; sometimes ranting about the weather, or just announcing her plans for the day.

It is a delight for the people in Dongaon to share our habitat with the cattle and live in harmony with the river, the cows & the small farmlands with big love.

Dongaon Local is a budding venture started by the women in this very village. We endeavor to bring farm products to consumers who truly appreciate the local, the traceable, and the hand-crafted.

Our Sajuk Tup is a deliciously nutty, creamy, and unadulterated wonder that is mindfully sourced from our cattle and hand made with love in our homes.

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